Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Are you a have-to-write-it-down kind of person?

I am.

I have to write everything down, or I forget it, or it doesn't get done. I have apps on my phone for calendars and stuff, but I forget to use them. Hell, Cozi sends me an empty family calendar update every month because I've long since forgotten to even fill it out.

When I started blogging again, I knew I'd need to plan things out, otherwise, I'd end up A) burning out, or B) forgetting to post. I'm still working out how not to do either of those, seeing as how I have the shortest attention span in the known world.

So, off to Pinterest I went to look for a planner to help me build a blogging binder (post about that coming soon) with. There were a few specific things I needed.

All seven days on one page. 
I need to be able to see the whole week on one page. I have to see everything at once, because I'm not going to flip the page to figure out my week.

I tend to be pretty long winded, if you haven't noticed. So I need to be able to flesh out my ideas right then and there, or I'm going to end up going back to my planner for an idea and not know what the hell I was talking about. Basically, I needed a blank outline.

Great design.
Really, I'm one of those people that downloads apps that are pretty (I'll tell you my favorites some other time). So, even my blog planner has to be eye-pleasing.

Would you believe, that in all of my results, I couldn't find ONE that had everything I needed?

I did find about 4, that I use all the time. But, they didn't have what I needed.

So, you know what? I made my own.

And now I'm going to share it with you. That's pretty awesome, right?

Wanna see it?

Now, a couple of things, first.

One, I made two different versions of this. I made the blog planner, and I also made it into a mom planner, too. You can print out one or both of them, and use them for your blogging planner, or family binder.

Second, there's plenty of room on here to jot down a few ideas, any kind of bloggy maintenance you need to do (like, redoing a plain Jane logo and design), and write down anything you've got coming up.

There's also a pretty badass quote on there that's prefect for any blogger or mom. Just to put a little pep in your step.

(Click to be taken to the official preview and download.)

The mom planner is the same, except instead of BLOG MAINTENANCE, it has a TO-DO spot. Oh, and it says Mom Planner at the top.

So, you want 'em? Here's where to go...
The Weekly Mom Planner

Alright, I've been good to you, so be good to me. Please don't claim this as your own. That's pretty much all I ask. Oh, and if you download it, please, tweet it, or share it on Facebook, or even Pin it. Just spread it out. I'm sure you'd make some new friends if they had you to credit for helping them find the planner they've been looking for!

And if that isn't enough... Remember when I said I kind of need an outline to help me plan my posts?

Well, I made one of those, too! Only, I'm going to make you work for this one. ;)

If you want it, jump over and like my Facebook page and click on the Goodies tab. Your download will be waiting for you.